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Saturday, December 09, 2023 6:00 PM • provided upon registration
cf3 welcomes all modern design enthusiasts to become members of the area’s group devoted to the awareness, preservation and education of modern design.

cf3 is a non-profit modern design forum whose mission is to promote, preserve, educate, document, enjoy, and raise awareness of modern design in and around Cincinnati. Through educational and social events, cf3 brings together a modernist community to protect this design aesthetic.

Cincinnati has a rich architectural and design history including the modern design period from the 1930s through 1970s. Modernism’s recent renaissance has lead diverse groups including students, professionals, enthusiasts and homeowners to look for resources. As a non-profit group, cf3 functions as a forum uniting these modernist minds to experience and preserve Cincinnati modern design.

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cf3 was founded by a group of like-minded Cincinnatians to:
  • Increase awareness of modern design in Cincinnati.
  • Save potentially “endangered” modern structures.
  • Establish a digital and physical database of area modern homes, institutions, commercial buildings and entire communities.
  • Create a forum for area modernists to exchange information and ideas via its website.
  • Offer planned educational and social events (home tours, lectures, workshops, social events, etc.)
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